About Us

Tradex Ltd is a premier financial services firm, serving investors and traders worldwide through online platform via Investment Advisors. We assist our clients succeed financially with investment recommendations and guidance geared to help them meet their life requirements and financial goals.

What We Do

Tradex provides  premium investment guidance to thousands  of individual investors around the world on tradexadvisors.com (the site you’re on right now!). Here’s how we do it:

Premium membership services that provide stock recommendations, detailed analysis of companies, sector analysis, and more.

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Tradex Investing Philosophy

Buy 30+ Companies

Hold Stocks for 4+ Years

Add New Capital Regularly

Hold Through Market Volatility

Long-Term Returns are the goal.

Invest in companies we believe in through smart investing strategies that provide broad exposure to market sectors that will affect our lives.

Our managers will use sophisticated technology to analyse our portfolio, make adjustments as needed, and keep track of it.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach




Problem Solving


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Premium Investing Service

Invest better with Tradex. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from Tradex's premium services.