What type of Investor are you?

Learn the benefits of different investing tactics.

How you invest is determined by a variety of factors, including how much time you have, how involved you want to be in the day-to-day management of your investments, and, most crucially, the complexity of your financial situation. Understanding what type of investor you are might help you decide which investment strategy is best for you.

Full guidance

If you prefer to work with a professional to help you make investment decisions, or if you have more complex financial demands, a Financial Advisor can assist you in developing and implementing an investment strategy. They can also meet with you on a regular basis to keep you up to speed on the performance of your portfolio and make modifications as needed.

Digital investing with advice

Robo-investing combines digital investing with smart technology to recommend a diverse portfolio depending on your investment objectives. Typically, a portfolio is built using the information provided by the investor. These accounts, such as Intuitive Investor, supplement digital investment services by providing the option of speaking with a Financial Advisor.

No guidance

If you want, you can be a self-directed investor, using a platform like eToro or Ameritrade to invest without the assistance of a Financial Advisor. In addition to transactional skills, this strategy necessitates greater confidence and understanding of market aspects that may effect your assets. Self-directed individuals can use investing platforms like eToro or Ameritrade to manage their own investment portfolios autonomously. If you do not believe you have the appropriate expertise or time to be a self-directed investor, you may prefer to engage with a Financial Advisor.

Getting started with investing is easy. If you learn about the basic types of investments and find the right Stock Advisor, you can begin making more informed financial choices for the future.

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